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                  Movement Director.


I flow into the spaces and places of curiousity and transformation to understand a deeper knowing of how my body can tell stories of the past, present and future.

                           The body as a weapon.

The negotiation of tension, dynamics, articulation, emotional states, physical abilities and the abundant imagination as inspiration to create the ethereal understanding of the dramatic content and genius that lies in the cells of the body.

                     To breathe.

                                      To expand.

                         To grow.

                                       To create.

                                      To innovate.

                    To change in the flow of the now.


Becoming is the passion to becoming exactly who you are.

The integrity to explore the cavities and deep recesses of the body to open the ability to transform and be magnificent in the sophistication of deep listening.

Tenacity as my partner in crime and the world as my inspiration.

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